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Skeleton Adult T-shirt

Skeleton Adult T-shirt

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Exclusive to the Surgeons’ Hall Museums, an extraordinary anatomy black T-shirt, featuring a rib cage with a human heart.
The 100% cotton t-shirt is machine washable. This unique skeleton T-shirt is custom-made for our shop, using an original print from our collection 'A System of Anatomical Plates of the Human Body,' (1823) by John Lizars and the heart belongs to the surgeon-anatomist & artist Charles Bell (Engravings of the Arteries, 1801).


100% cotton and made in the UK
Small: Chest 35 inches (90 cm) x L 71 cm. 142g
Medium: Chest 39 inches (100 cm) x L 73cm. 167g
Large: Chest 42 inches (108 cm) x L 76cm. 188g
X-Large: Chest 45 inches (116 cm) x L 77cm. 208g

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