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SHM Eustachio Fridge magnet

SHM Eustachio Fridge magnet

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Exclusive to Surgeons’ Hall Museums, a magnet featuring a dissection lesson. Engraving of a lesson being given by Italian anatomist Bartolommeo Eustachio (1520-74). Dissection lessons in the 16th century were a great improvement over those of the previous centuries. For the first time, the lecturers performed the dissection themselves rather than using an unskilled cutter to do the work. As a result, the lecturers studied human anatomy more closely and made several discoveries. He drew a series of remarkable anatomical illustrations, but these remained largely undiscovered until the 18th century.

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh owns a copy of Tabulae anatomicae by Eustachii, published 1722.


Size: H 5.5cm x W 8 cm

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